Let’s Talk SCAMS

Scammers are looking for new ways to trick people daily. They trick people into handing over money or sensitive information.


When it comes to ATO scams, there are some signs that will help you spot the real from the scammer:

The ATO will NEVER:

  • Threaten you with immediate arrest
  • Cancel your TFN
  • Warrant your arrest for suspicious activity under your TFN
  • Send un-solicited pre-recorded messages to your phone
  • Keep you on the phone until payment is made
  • Request payment via unusual methods such as gift cards or crypto


How to talk about Scams


Starting a conversation about scams with your workmates, friends and family is an essential part of stopping those scammers in their tracks. It will also help to protect people you care about. Talking about scams can help others identify a scam, raise awareness about the impacts and prevent them falling victim.


People who get scammed feel unable to start a conversation due to embarrassment, or don’t even know they are in a scam. Start a conversation using TALK


Talk to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about scams you see and ask them if they have seen any

Ask a simple question ‘How do you avoid scams?’

Listen to people’s stories and experiences. Listen without judgement

Keep talking about scams and experiences. The more we raise awareness, The less likely we will get caught in one!

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